Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RH Bill: Deal or No Deal?

One of the most common issues in the Republic of the Philippines is the formation of Reproductive Health Bill which divided our country into "Pro-life" and "Pro-RH Bill". Some may even make his or her stand even without fully reading the contents of the said bill. One of its contents are the use of contraceptives by the couple. If the Bible is going to be in consideration, contraceptives that are not abortifacient or can cause abortion of pregnancy is allowed because it is our obligation to spread our race and then control it as stated in the book of Genesis. But different religious organizations like Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) are worried about the diminishing moralities of the Filipino youth who uses this "safe sex practices" in committing pre-marital sex and extra marital sex for the married ones. There are a lot of questionable contents that RH Bill has like the statement "the use of oxytocin is safe to use" without indicating or specifying its scope and limitations. Oxytocin is a kind of hormone that is contraindicated with pregnancy for it may cause abortion. Lastly, RH Bill is said to be "Pro-Women". If we are going to read all of the contents of the said bill, we may realize that it is also stated and is more elucidated or has a broader scope in the Magna Carta for Women which is already a law. So now, what is your stand? Deal or no deal? Think wisely

(Special thanks to the guest speaker in a seminar in UPHSD who enlightened "The Thinker" about this issue)

To completely read the content of the RH Bill, click the link below

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