Sunday, October 02, 2011

K-Pop Challenges P-Pop

Super Junior
the quality of Filipino music is known world-wide and is appreciated by different races. We have a lot of superb singers like Charice Pempengco, Vanessa Ann Hudgens, Bruno Mars, etc. who had created their own names in Hollywood. But, as the dynamic evolution of world music changes, the transition turns no to the side of Korean Pop Music (K-Pop) as the genre of choice by fans of different age groups. Truly, K-Pop invasion or Hallyu is now contemporary. SHINee, Super Junior, 2PM, Big Bang, U-KISS, 2NE1, 4 Minute, Girl's Generation, and F(x) are just some of the names that are celebrated across the globe. Because of this phenomenon, Philippine Pop industry (P-Pop) was challenged on how to go with the flow of today's generation. Party Pilipinas of GMA7 introduced XLR8, RPM, and Pop Girls that exposed the alleged adaptation of Filipino music to the "uso" in South Korea. Since we are just new in this genre, there are a lot of improvements that must be done in order to enhance their performances like musicality, choreography, costumes, and versatility. Recently, the same TV program launches Down to Mars which until know doesn't have their own album. The success of K-Pop is not only evident in the Philippines but also in their neighboring countries like Japan (J-Pop), Taiwan (T-Pop) and China. Can we really go beyond the popularity of K-Pop? Can we be ahead of their charisma, fame, and talent? You decide...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Suicide Among Teenagers: A Pandemic Phenomenon

Lately, there was a news about suspected homosexual 13 years old Filipino who shot his rumored former boyfriend and then killed himself afterwards. The contributing factors are rooted from the alleged "third party" who is also a male. The intense jealousy pushes the suspect to commit the "Crime of Passion" as what the Philippine National Police (PNP) describe it. This case is very common among adolescents since they have the feeling of immunity against harmful stimuli and a lot of stressors affect their personality for they are still in the "identity crisis" situation that is asking themselves "Who am I". Suicide is one of the most common cause of death among this age group across the world. To prevent this phenomenon, the health care provider must take seriously the signs of suicide attempts like verbalization of willingness to die and from being pessimistic, there is a sudden optimistic attitude on the patient. Therefore, the most therapeutic approach towards these patients are to make them feel that you are there for moral support and actively listen to their verbalization of problems, and give alternative choices aside from death to compensate his or her problems. Living in this world is full of struggles, one must continue to thrive for survival in order to see the better future and strengthen one's personality.

RH Bill: Deal or No Deal?

One of the most common issues in the Republic of the Philippines is the formation of Reproductive Health Bill which divided our country into "Pro-life" and "Pro-RH Bill". Some may even make his or her stand even without fully reading the contents of the said bill. One of its contents are the use of contraceptives by the couple. If the Bible is going to be in consideration, contraceptives that are not abortifacient or can cause abortion of pregnancy is allowed because it is our obligation to spread our race and then control it as stated in the book of Genesis. But different religious organizations like Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) are worried about the diminishing moralities of the Filipino youth who uses this "safe sex practices" in committing pre-marital sex and extra marital sex for the married ones. There are a lot of questionable contents that RH Bill has like the statement "the use of oxytocin is safe to use" without indicating or specifying its scope and limitations. Oxytocin is a kind of hormone that is contraindicated with pregnancy for it may cause abortion. Lastly, RH Bill is said to be "Pro-Women". If we are going to read all of the contents of the said bill, we may realize that it is also stated and is more elucidated or has a broader scope in the Magna Carta for Women which is already a law. So now, what is your stand? Deal or no deal? Think wisely

(Special thanks to the guest speaker in a seminar in UPHSD who enlightened "The Thinker" about this issue)

To completely read the content of the RH Bill, click the link below

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dengue Alarm

As storms or typhoons enter the Philippine area of responsibility, dengue hemorrhagic fever is a phenomenon. It is caused by the Aedes Aegypti female, a specie of mosquito known by its white stripes in its legs. They usually bite their host early in the morning and late afternoon because of the cold environment. The patient will experience headache, fever, vomiting, and dehydration. Unlike other common ailments, the patient with dengue hemorrhagic fever has intermittent hyperthermia or elevation of temperature with inconsistent occurrence or fever in the afternoon or until night. The patient must seek early medical consultation if fever persists more than 2 days. Avoid giving aspirin for the treatment of patient's fever since it will cause blood thinning leading to hemorrhage or severe bleeding. The most distinctive sign of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever is petechiae which is visible after tourniquet test. If tourniquet is not available, one may use Blood Pressure Apparatus's bladder cuff and inflate it up to 20mmHg for 3-5 mins or until petechiae occurs. To prevent such fever, one may plant a nymph tree which acts as an insect repellent, use mosquito nets, spray insecticides with no chlorofluorocarbon to every corners of the house, and do the 4s Against Dengue of Department of Health (Search and Destroy, Seek early consultation,Self-protective measures and Say no to indiscriminate fogging) Learn more about Dengue! Be aware! Be safe!